"Will your scenery work in FSX?"

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"Will your scenery work in FSX?"

Postby Mike Stanton » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:35 pm

All but one scenery designed by Flight Ontario was designed to work with FS9. That said, there is a good chance that if you install it in FSX it will "work," BUT, It will not work as it was intended to in FS9. If you ask one designer wether or not it will work in FSX, he'll say "no". If you ask another he'll say, "somewhat", or "maybe." Scenery design for FSX uses different technology, I'm told, so you shouldn't expect that everything that our designers have done for their sceneries for FS9 will show/work properly in FSX. With this in mind, feel free to install it and try it out in your FSX box. You might be pleased, you might not. Just remember that it was designed for FS9, so something, somewhere in the scenery is going to be "wrong." There are no group plans to make copies of our existing seceneries for FSX at this time, however, that may change in the future. For the immediate future, that will be determined by the original designer(s) of the scenery and announced on our website in the usual manner.
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Re: "Will your secenery work in FSX?"

Postby Al Sibley » Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:51 pm

Flight Ontario Sceneries in FSX.

The sceneries will work in FSX but to do so you should go into the scenery folder and remove all files that end in "_2.bgl,_3.bgl,_5.bgl,_9.bgl"
These files are for ground and terrain work with Ground2K4.

Newer sceneries were created using Sbuilder so those files will end with "_LWM2.bgl, _LWM3.bgl,_.VTPL,bgl, _VTPP.bgl,_VTPX.bgland one that will start with 000_ NAME.bgl.

If you know how to use SBUILDERX you can run these files through and recompile them to work in FSX.
Problem is I create a lot of my own custom ground textures to best suit the area and they WILL NOT WORK in FSX.

Best to just remove all of these files and you will be left with everything but the ground textures.

NOTE! FSX will not read any alphas so anything that we created to have an invisable texture will show up in FSX.
You might want to remove any trees.bgl files as they will show up as boxes.

Most sceneries will contain about 5 files to be removed, Larger ones like Tbay, Goose Bay, Buttonville will have around 10 to 15 .bgls to be removed.Sounds like a pain but by doing this our sceneries can be enjoied in FSX.

This will just allow the sceneries to work in FSX, It not a true update or fix. Buildings were placed as per proper lat and long headings and might look out of place .

Hope this Helps.
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Re: "Will your scenery work in FSX?"

Postby GGaulin » Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:27 pm

We have started porting our FS9 sceneries to FSX.

Monitor the FSX downloads page for completed ones :)

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