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Welcome to Flight Ontario Multi-Player

Postby Al Gay » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:38 am

Welcome to Flight Ontario Multi-Player FS2004

This page is meant for posting information on proposed and completed Multi-Player flights. Please describe the flight you are proposing with such information as, time, location, aircraft flown etc and a brief description of the flight. This will start a Thread for this particular flight. When flight is completed file a PIREP in the same Thread to describe the route, participants, time, and anything else you wish to include about the flight.

For use in flying Multi-Player we are using a dedicated server to run TeamSpeak3 for communications and another dedicated server to run FS Host to run the multiplayer.

Instructions for download and set-up TeamSpeak3
1. Download the TeamSpeak Client from: http://www.teamspeak.com/ and run the installer.

2. Start the program by clicking on the new TeamSpeak3 Icon on your desktop.

3. This will bring up a TeamSpeak3 box where you will need to click on Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks

4. Click on Add Bookmark:
Label: Flight Ontario
Address: flont.flnet.org:9988
Nickname: Please put your full name here, ex: Al Gay
Server Password: t0ronto Note: the second digit is a zero
Now click apply, OK

5. Click on Bookmarks again, this time you should Flight Ontario as an entry. Click it to enter. You should now be ready to use Teamspeak.
6. To make Teamspeak to it’s best abilities, you also need to set up a Press To Talk Button instead of Voice Activation. To do this click on the Desktop Icon/Settings/Set-up Wizzard/Next/Next. On these Microphone settings put the Bullet in “Push-To_Talk” and assign a keyboard key that is not used in the Flight Simulator, maybe “~”, just above the TAB key or use a button on your Joystick.
Radio Etiquette
Now that TeamSpeak is installed and adjusted properly, here are a few tips to make your radio conversations with other pilots a bit easier on yourself and others.

DO NOT use a voice-activated microphone. Use a “Press To Talk” key. The “~” key might be a good key choice since it does not have any function in multiplayer mode in Flight Simulator. When not connected to a multiplayer server, this key activates the ATC screen in Flight Simulator.

USE A HEADSET if possible. If not using a headset, turn your speakers down because when you talk, the sound coming from the speakers is also being transmitted.

DO NOT continually talk over other pilots in the session. Try not to step on other pilots. When a pilot transmits a message to another pilots, don't talk until he answers. When you are answering a pilot, try not to wait more than 5 seconds to transmit a response. Because of server latency issues, there will be some delay in transmissions, especially with dial-up connections.

DO use a push to talk microphone and/or push to talk key setup in Team Speak.

DO start your session with a Radio Check. It's a great way to let others know you are on, and to check that your equipment is working.

DO use proper radio etiquette and wait for an opportunity to key the microphone.

DO keep your responses as short as possible.

ALWAYS announce your intentions when close to other aircraft, taking a position on the runway or flying over the runway. Announce when you have cleared the runway.

When the session is just getting started, please allow the moderator(s) the courtesy of the microphone to get things organized and started. Once we are all in the air, we usually have plenty of time for chatting to each other.

And a last note, “there is to be NO SWEARING or DEROGATORY remarks made about any person or subject”. The Moderators have the ability to “Kick” people off, for any period of time, and will likely do it if this is not adhered to.

Instructions for set-up of FS HOST

To use Flight Ontario’s FS Host Server there is nothing to download.

When you wish to join a Multi-player session hosted on Flight Ontario’s FS Host Server in FS2004 the following is the routine.
1. With FS2004 open at any airport, with the Top Tool Bar showing, click on Flights/Multi-Player/Connect.
2. In the Multi-Player Connect Box type: Your full name in the Player Name box, in the IP Address box type in “ flont.flnet.org “, less the quotes.

3. Click on Search. This should bring up the Session that is open, then click on Join.
4. When asked for a password use: " ontario ", all lower case
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Re: Welcome to Flight Ontario Multi-Player

Postby JohnGooch » Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:09 am


See the screenshot below of where an Aircraft CFG is found and below that the Simulator Select aircraft User Interface (ui) compared to contents of an Aircraft CFG related to the aircraft chosen in the User interface.

The information above that following "title=" determines the aircraft chosen to display during Multi-player. For the multi-player change the title of the aircraft you will be flying to a common title everyone uses then everyone sees everyone else in the same aircraft as themselves.

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Re: Welcome to Flight Ontario Multi-Player

Postby darrenvox » Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:46 am

does anyone still connect to it....doesnt seem used or at least connected to me...but thats ok, alot of servers arent used anymore
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